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Bird of Peru

Seeing birds in the Amazon is like looking at an artist’s palette of colors. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that such colors exist in nature. If you don’t already have one, you are likely to start your Audubon Society “Life List” here. In your journey along rivers OF AMAZON PERU with the reserve the manu national park, sandoval lake reserve and reserve tambopata .

Bird of Peruvian Amazon.

lakes, and streams, you will see hundreds of kinds of birds, representing more colors and shades than you’d ever see in a mere rainbow. Massive storks follow the river, their crops so filled with fish that they are almost too heavy to fly. Graceful snowy egrets soar overhead, looking like reflections of thick, puffy white clouds. An Amazon kingfisher watches the scene with a bored air. A bird as yellow as the noon sun glides past. It is truly nature at its most lovely for the jungle trips


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