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No somos los únicos, pero somos los mejores, realizamos tours en la reserva de tambopata, lago sandoval, collpa de guacamayos, vive la aventura con nosotros...


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About Us .

We specialize in providing travel and our service is reliable, safe  that is why our travelers About us come back year after year. We specialize in tours for small groups and large, adventure tourism for the whole family or independent travelers,

with so many activities such as canopy-walking and ziplines, Tours, walks/hikes to Lake Sandoval, boating, fishing, exploring the Manu National Park and other alternative travels of your choice. Come and join us on one of our trips

and we promise to take you on some of the most impressive and spectacular places of the Peruvian Amazon jungle,

and the world.  We believe it is one of the most inspiring and rewarding ways of travel that you will experience in

your life!  Our goal is to offer a personalized service to make your trip in South America an unforgettable stay, so we

invite you to browse our website where you can find everything you need to experience the real world with Tambopata tours in the Rio Madre de Dios.

Rainforest Tour Operator  .

Our trips are designed to offer our customers an exciting and real cultural experience in South America through

interactive experiences and unique books. Our hope is traveling with us will lead to a deeper understanding of how

people live in the beautiful regions we discover, and help contribute to building a better world. If you want to take a

trip and enjoy your holiday in Peru, then explore our amazing destinations and live your own dreams in the Amazon and the lost land of the Incas.

Amazonia Jungle

It is characterized by an Agency Tour Operator of the Peruvian Amazon and give very detailed information on the reserves of the National Reserve of Peru Manu , Tambopata Reserve and Tambopata Lodge, Reserve Megantoni

(Pongo Maynique ) , Pacaya Samiria Ahuayo Mishana (Iquitos ), the Veil ( Pucallpa ) give important information

sites in the citadel of Machu Picchu , Cusco , Puno, Sauce Tarapoto , Ancash , Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios .

While most of our trips are quite adventurous , exploring wilderness areas and wildlife , parrots, macaw lick wolf Maquisapayoj and many others that are more relaxing . If you are a returning traveler or this is your first trip with us

, we are sure you will find the trip that you are looking for and have the experience of a lifetime.

Travel  Style  to Rainforest Amazon

Each trip is defined by styles and levels of adventure, be in comfort, moderate or extreme conditions.  Whatever your preference,  we’re sure you will find the one that suits you well with us.




Amazon Explorer

Amazon Explorer 3 days Amazon Explorer: Immerse Yourself in the Untamed Beauty of the Amazon […]

Expedition Amazon 2D

Expedition Amazon 2D  The forests of the Expedition Amazon  form part of the world’s largest […]

Tour Expedition Macaw Clay Lick Full Day

Tour Expedition Macaw Clay Lick Full Day. Experience the Extraordinary: Tour Expedition Full-Day Macaw Clay […]

Booking Tambopata lodge

Tambopata Lodge Inn  – Peru Amazon Collpas Tambopata Inn Lodge: Your Gateway to Amazonian Wonders […]

Trail Peru Macaw Clay Lick 4 D

Trail Peru Macaw Clay Lick 4 D Embark on an Epic Amazon Adventure: Discover Trail […]

Tambopata Tours Chuncho 5 days

Tambopata Tours Chuncho 5 days Tambopata Tours Chuncho – Prepare to embark on a journey […]


Trip Peru - Sandoval Lake Full Day

Trip Peru  – Sandoval Lake Full Day. Exploring the Enchanting Trip Peru  – Sandoval Lake […]

Rainforest Jungle - Pampas Heath

Rainforest Jungle – Pampas Heath 5days Rainforest Jungle – Pampas Heath -Navigating this ecological wonderland […]

Wildlife Nature - Clay Lick 3 days

Wildlife Nature – Clay Lick 3 days Experience the Marvels of Wildlife Nature Clay Lick: […]

Tambopata Jungle Trek to Sandoval Lake 5 days

Tambopata Jungle Trek to Sandoval Lake 5 days WILDLIFE OBSERVATION AND PHOTOGRAPHY .The Amazon is […]

Rainforest Wild Peru 4 days

Rainforest Wild Peru 4 days Experience the Enchanting Beauty of Rainforest Wild Peru Prepare yourself […]

Amazon Adventure - Lake Sandoval 4 days

Amazon Adventure – Sandoval Lake 4 days This journey isn’t just about sightseeing; Amazon Adventure […]


Lodge Refuge - Sandoval Lake

Lodge Refuge – Sandoval Lake  Is located lodge Refuge Sandoval Lake   in the heart […]

Peruvian Jungle

Peruvian Jungle 2 days  This lodge is located inside the reserve of the tambopata Peruvian […]

amazon explorer wildlife 4days

 Amazon Explorer Wildlife 4days Amazon Explorer Wildlife – Nestled deep within the heart of the […]

Rainforest Adventure -5 Days

Rainforest Adventure – 5 Day Rainforest Adventure -The Tambopata River Basin is a natural treasure […]

Peruvian-Wildlife - 3 days

 Peruvian-Wildlife – 3 days  .  Wildlife Survival Beyond Park Boundaries: the Impact of Slash-and-Burn Agriculture […]

Sandoval Lake Full Day

SANDOVAL LAKE FULL DAY Sandoval Lake Full Day:Peru amazon Sandoval Lake Reserve center found in […]