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Tambopata Jungle Adventure:

Leaving civilization behind, we venture deep into the Amazon tambopata Jungle adventure. Travelling by boat along the Tambopata and Heath Rivers, we cross the Bolivian frontier to the Heath River Lodge, gateway to the largest

uninhabited, unhunted rainforest in the Amazon adventure. With a unique combination of savannah and dense

jungle, there are opportunities to spot all manner of monkeys and an astonishing number of colourful parrots and

other birdlife in jungle adventure, as well as tapir, capybara and even jaguar. The collpa of the Macaws clay lick is

amazing. Returning to tambopata jungle adventure, we make our way by boat to the Sandoval Lake. Here we walk

through the jungle in search of sloth and howler monkeys, before taking to canoes for jungle trips. The late afternoon

brings the lake to life – you’ll see giant otters, spider monkeys and a unique array of birdlife. Our final night is spent at the Sandoval Lake Lodge, before we return to Puerto Maldonado.

This exceptional jungle experience journeys into the very heart of Peru Amazon Basin with manu national park, reserve tambopata, reserve of the sandoval lake, reserve of the sandoval lake lodge, tambopata lodge.

Tambopata lodge is a gracious rainforest lodge, adjacent to the lush Tambopata National Reserve. Remote and pristine, yet easily accessible, this region is only a 45-minute flight from tour Cusco. Here, in the area known as the

“Biodiversity Capital of Peru Amazon”, awaits the opportunity for discovering an incredible variety of species — birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, trees, among others for jungle trips.


Wildlife in the Tambopata Reserve is remarkable. Giant colorful parrots, toucans, and collpa of macaws share the forest with tamarins in jungle, and the gorgeous Southern American tapir (Tapirus terrestris). Our region is home to

thousands of butterfly species and a large variety of monkeys, as well as four feline species, the endangered river otter, and much, much more of the jungle. Numerous world records for biodiversity have been broken here, and new

species are constantly being discovered in jungle. The Tambopata Reserve holds the world record for butterfly

species registered – 1234 species; and world record in number of bird species spotted in a single day in jungle.


The Tambopata National Reserve and adjacent Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in the Peruvian Amazon contain one of the most pristine and diverse rainforests on earth. Created in 1990 to protect the watersheds of the Tambopata

and Candamo Rivers, this area became a natural protected corridor when joined with Madidi National Park in Bolivia. Currently, these three contiguous Amazon Reserves comprise the largest protected zone of tropical rainforest in the world, covering a total of 3.5 million hectares; this is an area two-thirds the size of Costa Rica and nearly the size of Switzerland.

Trip Peru - Sandoval Lake Full Day

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Trip Peru – Sandoval Lake Full Day

Trip Peru  – Sandoval Lake Full Day. Exploring the Enchanting Trip Peru  – Sandoval Lake […]

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