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No somos los únicos, pero somos los mejores, realizamos tours en la reserva de tambopata, lago sandoval, collpa de guacamayos, vive la aventura con nosotros...


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Home Tambopata Lodge .

Our Home Tambopata Lodge Inn is located between the  Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene

National Park. City of Puerto Maldonado. This Reserve becomes one of the most remote parks in South America.

with a flora and fauna that is surrounded by a wildlife of the Peruvian Amazon.

Amazonia Rainforest  – Tambopata Lodge .

Tambopata Lodge Tour operating agency that is experienced with the many travels of the Amazonian Peru Home Tambopata lodge . for several years now,  with tours into the jungle , jungle trekking , hiking , ecotourism,

esotericism , canopy, ayahuasca and expeditions within of the Amazon rainforest, We are not alone, but we are the best. conducted tours in the reserve Tambopata, Sandoval lake, macaw lick, live the adventure with us with trips to the Peruvian jungle.

Exploring the Marvel of the Tambopata River Basin: A Feast of Life and Color

Welcome to a magical corner of our planet. The Tambopata River Basin, a sanctuary of biodiversity in all its glory, opens its doors to an unparalleled natural spectacle. In this privileged space where nature unfolds its palette of vibrant colors, macaws take center stage in a multicolored show that will leave fortunate visitors breathless. Join us

as we venture into the enigmatic El Chuncho clay lick and let yourself be mesmerized by the wonders of the Tambopata River Basin.

El Chuncho: A Sanctuary of Reds and Oranges -Home Tambopata Lodge .

El Chuncho, a place adorned in shades of reds and oranges, majestically rises to a height of 15 meters and stretches over 400 meters in an uninhabited area. To reach this hidden paradise, you will embark on a five-hour aquatic

adventure navigating the Amazon Tambopata River from Puerto Maldonado. This journey is just the beginning of an experience that will immerse you in a dreamlike landscape.

A Scene of Astonishment -Home Tambopata Lodge .

Tambopata boasts a diversity of ecosystems, including palm swamps, wetlands, pacales, and riparian forests.

These physical characteristics not only serve as the foundation for wildlife but also allow local communities to sustainably utilize natural resources. In Tambopata, the richness of biodiversity is astounding.

A Sanctuary for Life -Home Tambopata Lodge

The Tambopata National Reserve primarily harbors aquatic habitats that serve as stopovers for over 40 species of transcontinental migratory birds. Here, endangered species are protected, offering nature enthusiasts an exceptional destination to observe an unmatched diversity of flora and fauna.

Fauna and Flora at Their Peak-Home Tambopata Lodge .

Inside Tambopata, you will encounter an astonishing diversity of life. With 632 species of birds, 1,200 types of

butterflies, 103 species of amphibians, 180 species of fish, 169 species of mammals, and 103 species of reptiles, this corner is a paradise for nature lovers.

Here, the river wolf, otters, and felines such as the jaguarundi, puma, jaguar,

ocelot, and margay find refuge. In addition to macaws, the harpy

eagle, crested eagle, wattled curassow, unicorn horned curassow, and bare-faced curassow leave their mark in Tambopata’s skies.

A Tapestry of Luxuriant Vegetation -Home Tambopata Lodge .

Palm swamps in sedimentation plains, pacales, terrace forests, and gallery forests paint a tapestry of luxuriant

vegetation in Tambopata. With 17 plant associations per forest type and a total of 1,255 plant species, this is a botanical paradise you cannot miss.

The Jewel of the Local Economy: The Brazil Nut -Home Tambopata Lodge .

The reserve is also home to the Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa), a non-timber forest product vital to the local economy. Exclusive to the eastern strip of Madre de Dios in Peru, the Brazil nut leaves a significant mark on this region.

Unforgettable Tourist Routes

Lake Sandoval, a gem in the Madre de Dios River Basin, is one of the most visited destinations. Surrounded by palm trees and inhabited by a large family of river otters, this 127-hectare water mirror offers a panoramic view from an observation tower and adventures in local boats.

Navigating the Tambopata River, you will find the El Gato stream with its breathtaking waterfall and the Baltimorillo rapids nearby. But the most characteristic feature is the clay licks on the riverbanks, where hundreds of birds,

including macaws, hawks, and parrots, gather for a spectacular display of color and sound, especially between 5:30 and 9:00 in the morning.



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