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Tambopata Lodge – Amazon Peru

“I have long dreamed of taking visitors to the Amazon Peru, the world’s last great unexplored region. When I worked as vice president of marketing and sales for a boutique cruise company in the Galapagos, I realized that I might be able to offer guests that same level of comfort and once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Amazon Peruvian.”

Tambopata Lodge – Amazon Basin

The Amazon Basin is the largest river basin in the world, and is not only of mportance to the seven countries across which it spreads, but to the entire world through its effect on global climate. The drainage basin covers an area of over 6,100,000 km2, and covers over one-third of the South American continent. The discharge from the Amazon River, about 220,800 m3 /s, comprises over twenty percent of the total discharge from all global rivers. In fact, the discharge from the Amazon exceeds the combined discharge of the world next seven to nine largest rivers. The basin has far reaching effects, altering the color and salinity of the Atlantic for almost 200 miles, and producing about twenty percent of the Earth’s oxygen.



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