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The Legend Ayaymama Tours in Tambopata:
In Tambopata tours where there is an ancient legend come in the darkness of the nights of Tambopata , can get to hear a creepy sound baffles who roams the Amazon jungle for the first time . Sound tones become more serious , almost like a cry is heard. say ” Is Ayaymama ” say some native to the curious gaze of the traveler. This is the Nyctibius griseus , is a night owl full of mystery not only for its spectacular camouflage mechanism , but because it is more representative of the myths of the Peruvian Amazon in the Tambopata .

They tell a tale of two children lost in the jungle , who were abandoned by his father and stepmother after her mother died. These were taken to the jungle forest under the guise of a simple walk , but left them to fend for sure can not go home . Children left in search of his home in the jungle in Tambopata , but all I achieved was deeper into the dense Amazon jungle . Forest spirits had pity them, and turned them into birds so they could fly back home. They landed on a nearby tree, and issued their song full of pity : ” ayay mom, mom ayay ” .

They say that every time you hear the bird singing , this is actually the lost children of Tambopata tours, still looking for his mother every night in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest , is located on the Madre de Dios tambopata candamo tours .


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