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Tambopata Tours Information

We have great adventure travel in Tambopata lodge , is one of the most amazing areas of the Peruvian Amazon in Tambopata , is considered the richest region in the entire biosphere of the Earth , as stated by National Geographic Magazine in their editions of January 1994 and March 2000. This tours Tambopata National Reserve has an area of 1’478 , 942.45 hectares and square kilometer in any species of insects , birds and mammals in a similar almost anywhere else on the planet will be .

Preserve Tours Tambopata Candamo means a guarantee of future oxygen , water and life to the world. Their conservation should be a responsibility and commitment of all generations to come . Tambopata Natural settlers are their best guardians and survive as a functioning ecosystem if they all learn to live with this and I respect it. His management and sustainable use can provide tangible economic benefits in Tambopata , the ecotourism industry is an example and model of it.

We have a vision to promote our ecological awareness , also providing input for spreading the wealth of culture and nature of this wonderful land, Peru .

We invite you to discover and observe this beautiful trip to Tambopata tours by tropical rainforest , the wealth of geographical area and biodiversity Tambopata tours .

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