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Reserva Nacional Tambopata Candamo

The Reserva Nacional Tambopata Candamo, is one of the most splendid and iconic places of the Amazon. It is located in the southeast of Peru and was declared “protected zone” on January 26th , 1990. This humid lower forest is, probably, the best protected reserve and the innumerable variety of species of fauna and flora that inhabit the region has contributed to the consideration of Peru as the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

To access, for the first time, this tropical paradise is an overwhelming experience. A penetrating odor, result of the mixture of hundreds of varieties of mushrooms that help with the decomposition of leaves and fallen branches from the gigantic trees, can be overwhelming. Hidden amongst the ferns and brush the tinamues, similar to quails, whistle to each other and their singing mixes with cicada and grasshopper chirping, which are in constant rivalry to find mates. All this activity can be deafening, but at the same time it is delightful to the ears. One has to sharpen the eyesight in order to distinguish the aguties and the ant cocks, and dozens of other distinct varieties of species, but, maybe, one can only manage to see the bushes move while the animals escape into their shelters.

These protected subtropical forests have two distinct seasons: the dry and the wet. The temperatures vary between 10°C and 38°C, but almost always it is around 26°C. The warmest months are September and October, at the end of the dry season the temperature can reach 38°C.

The Tambopata-Candamo lakes form the heart of this fragile ecosystem. The landscape that extends from the dark waters up to the tree canopies and the magic wild fauna creates a magic experience.

The world that is revealed as dusk approaches is amazing. It is easier to spot the nocturnal animals, by means of a flashlight, which causes the animals eyes to shine with more intensity.

All conservation and educational efforts that could be made to preserve this natural paradise will help ensure the future survival of this captivating and unique ecosystem.

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