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Formerly widespread throughout Amazonia, up to 850 m; now scarce and declining, Aldi uncommon in more remote areas (especially in Madre de Dios). Not very gregarious: usually in pairs or small groups of 4-6. Paler than similar Red-and-green, and face whiter (not crossed by distinct feathered lines), with yellow coverts on upper side of wing. Tail also slightly longer; tip up and down in flight.

VOICE OF THE SCARLET MACAW : Flight call a loud rasping screech “RAAAH.1”; loudest nei: descending at end. Also braying vocalizations. Similar to other large macaws, but with unpleasant screeching quality. Co, E, Br, Bo

DIET AND NUTRITION GUACAMAYO SCARLATA :Macaws eat mostly fruits and seeds, including large, hard seeds. Like other parrots, are seed predators, destroy the seeds they eat and do not disperse.Macaws Collpear (meaning eat ) salted clay you contain nutrients found in the banks of rivers and in the Manu and Tambopata

COMPORTAMAMIENTOS OF SCARLET MACAW :A typical sighting is of a single Macao Get him out or a pair of macaws flying above the forest canopy , but you can see flocks in some areas. These magnificent birds can fly at speeds up to 35 mph ( 56 kph) and have a lifespan of about 80 years.

REPRODUCTION OF SCARLET MACAW : Like most parrots, macaw female puts 2-4 white eggs in a tree cavity. These hatch after 24-25 days. They leave the nest about 105 days after leaving their parents return a year later ,Macaws are an endangered species due to their capture as pets and habitat loss before the fall population of scarlet macaws , distribution included much of Costa Rica . However, by the 1960s had been declining Macaws Get him out in numbers due to a combination of factors, particularly hunting, poaching and habitat destruction due to deforestation . In addition, spraying pesticides by companies cultivating and selling bananas for export played an important role in decreasing

POPULATION OF RED MACAW : As pets, macaws birds are popular for those who can afford the high price of both the birds and the price you need large cage You must tolerate their loud cries and can give them considerable time outside their cages. They are considered sociable and affectionate and some speak very well.

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