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Peru Nature Tambopata 3 days: Madre de Dios, Peru is a large department (or state) in the wild, southeastern part of the country. Its name means “Mother of God” and is a common Spanish synonym for “the Virgin Mary”. The rather generic name given to the Madre de Dios department in Peru Nature Tambopata is a reflection of how little was known about the region during the Spanish colonial era. Whereas some departments were assigned the same name used by the Incans, neither Incan people nor Spanish colonists settled in the southeastern Amazonian lowlands so the department was simply named in honor of one of the most revered figures in Roman Catholicism (the principle religion of the Spanish colonists).

Peru Nature Tambopata Reserve in a sense, this name befit a wild, untamed wilderness of dense rainforests, trackless swamps, and meandering rivers flanked by unforgiving jungle as it was believed that outsiders only survived in such a place by the grace of God. In modern times, the Madre de Dios department has become much more accessible while still retaining its wild character with reserve tambopata and sandoval lake lodge.

Tambopata huge tracts of unbroken rainforest are protected in national parks, reserves, and by several Peruvian rainforest lodges. The lack of roads and low population also keeps many parts of Madre de Dios intact and devoid of development. Nevertheless, a recently constructed road that connects routes to the Pacific with routes to the Atlantic Ocean has brought more colonists to the region along with associated deforestation, hunting, and mining activities that could pose a threat to the rainforests of Madre de Dios, Peru Nature Tambopata

Travel Itinerary Tambopata Reserve and Sandoval Lake

Peru Nature Tambopata 3 days / 2 nights

Torus Day 1:

Lima / Cusco to Puerto Maldonado –  Peru Nature Tambopata Lodge

Flight to Puerto Maldonado, and journey to the lodge. Following your morning flight to Puerto Maldonado from Lima or Cusco, you will be met at the airport by your naturalist guide and transferred to a dugout canoe for the trip up the Tambopata River to the lodge. On the journey the vegetation changes from colonized deforested areas to virgin rain forest. A box-lunch is provided on board. On arrival you’ll have a welcome drink and meet the rest of the staff. In the late afternoon you set off for an introductory walk into the “terra firme” forest behind the lodge (Trail 2), dominated by giant Brazil-nut and Dipteryx trees. Frequently seen mammals on this trail are Saddle-back Tamarinds, Brown Capuchins, Agoutis, Pacas, Blue-Morpho butterflies, Trogons, Toucans and many other species of birds. After dinner a night walk to find nocturnal animals or insects by the eye-shine a specialization for increasing the light and see better, about 50% of the animals are nocturnal in the rainforest. (L, D)

Tours Day 2:

Peru Nature Tambopata Lodge – Lake Condenado

Hike to Lake Condenado. After an early breakfast you and your nature guide will board the motorized canoe once again for the short journey to the trail head to begin a morning’s exploration by foot and paddle canoe of the lake system of Condenado, rich in bird and aquatic life. A family of Giant Otters lives in the vicinity of the lake and are often observed. Birds abound especially Rufescent Tiger-herons, Great Egrets, Wattled Jacanas, Hoatzin, the noisy Donacobius and many others. Remember to bring your hat and sun cream for there is no shade out on the water. You will return to the lodge in time for lunch. The afternoon is for exploring the forest close to the lodge (with or without your guide), relaxing and bathing in the Gallucunca, a cool clear stream beside the lodge or visit our tree platforms, going up with ropes and harnesses for a bird’s eye view of the forest and for close-ups of arboreal orchids and the many other species of plants and animals that are never seen near the ground (extra cost). After dark you will go searching for caiman (alligators) and other nocturnal animals by motorized canoe along the Tambopata River. (B, L, D)

Tours Day 3:

Peru Nature Tambopata – Return Puerto Maldonado

Departure. Time to return to the city of Puerto Maldonado is scheduled according to flight time of the group. In the mornings you can see the wildlife that is particularly active at this time, are frequently heard howler monkeys or stop. Your guide will give support to his arrival in Puerto Maldonado and will relocate to the airport and assist you on your flight.

Additional days at Tambopata Eco Lodge:

Any number of extra days at the lodge, in addition to the above mentioned program, is possible. These can be guided or unguided according to your preference and interests. During these days you can either, explore the trail system in more depth, going further afield along trails not visited before; repeat the lake visits accompanying other groups, giving you more time to wonder/paddle in your favorite areas; visit our tree platforms, going up with ropes and harnesses for a bird’s eye view of the forest and for close-ups of arboreal orchids and the many other species of plants and animals that are never seen near the ground or at dawn when the main activity of the forest begin with a sun rise. (Extra cost); Full board is included during each of these days..

Services included in your trip – Peru Nature Tambopata Reserve:

  • All meals and accommodation from lunch on Day 1 to Breakfast on your final day (inclusive).
  • All transport from your arrival at Puerto Maldonado to your return to the airport (inclusive).
  • All guided excursions described in the itinerary (including additional days, if you wish). One night excursion on the river looking for Caiman.

Services Excluded in your trip – Peru Nature Tambopata Reserve:

  • Flights to and from Puerto Maldonado, The entrance Fee to the TNR aprox $ 12.00 per person, airport taxes. Any drinks you may purchase from the bar. Tips.

Very important shuttle Hostel Tambopata Eco Lodge In / Out:

  • Arrival transfer (Puerto Maldonado – Lodge): We have daily shipments of 12: 00hrs. 12: 40hrs, after 13: 00hrs require private transfers at additional cost. Transfers after 16:00 hrs. Are not possible for the safety of passengers, they should stay in town to meet their accommodation and food costs for translation into early the next day for private transport or wait until the hour of the daily commute.
  • Transfer out (Lodge-Puerto Maldonado) have daily departures from 6: 30hrs to 7: 00hrs so we recommend flights after 10: 30hrs.