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OVER THE RIVER TAMBOPATA : are their direct descendents, though it is known that in the XV century the Inca made incursions into Tambopata. The dominant ethnic groups historically have been the Ese’ Eja and the Puquirieri.

The reserve is particularly important for its cochas and lakes which are habitat for more than 40 species of transcontinental migratory birds, as well as the giant otter, in danger of extinction, along with other endemic birds, amphibians and mammals.

The flora on the reserve thrives and flourishes, to the point where in one study it was found that there were 150 different types of trees on the same hectare.


Almost all macaws can be seen on this reserve as there are clay licks in Tambopata rich in minerals and other nutrients that the birds consume. Some of these clay licks are in the gullies on the river shore. This keeps the birds safer and so makes it their favourite. The clay licks that are on the planes are visited mainly by the mammals.

Among the various macaw species, we can find the blue and yellow macaw, the blue-headed macaw (Ara Couloni) which is green with a light blue head, the redtailed blue- and-yellow macaw, the green-blue military macaw (Ara militaris) the red-and-green macaw (Ara chloroptera) the red-shouldered macaw (Ara nobilis), red-bellied macaw (Orthopsittaca manilata), the chestnut fronted macaw (Ara Severa), among many others.

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