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Amazon Rainforest Tambopata EcoLodge 4 days: The Tambopata Macaw Project is a long-term multidisciplinary study of the natural history, conservation and management of large macaws clay lick and parrots. The main topics of study include monitoring and observation of macaws nests, increasing survival rates of younger scarlet macaw chicks, documenting patterns of clay lick use by large macaws and other parrots, and documenting and understanding the impact of tourism on macaw clay licks. Since Dr. Donald Brighsmith’s incorporation to the project in 1998, the project has become one of the world’s foremost studies on wild macaws.

The Tambopata Macaw project has been working hard to understand the links between the clay lick, nesting, tree phenology (flowering and fruiting) and the movements of parrots in and out of the area. Over a thousand mornings of clay lick observation and literally hundreds of thousands of registrations may be the largest set of parrot data ever assembled. We have come a long way in understanding these interactions and now have a much better idea of what drives the annual life cycles of the macaws and parrots in Tambopata. A summary of our new findings is presented in this paper.

 Travel Itinerary Tambopata and Lago Sandoval

Amazon Rainforest Tambopata EcoLodge 4 days / 5 nights

Tours Day 1:

Lima / Cusco – Puerto Maldonado – Amazon Rainforest Tambopata

Flight to Puerto Maldonado, and journey to the lodge. Following your morning flight to Puerto Maldonado from Lima or Cusco, you will be met at the airport by your naturalist guide and transferred to a dugout canoe for the trip up the Tambopata River to the lodge. On the journey the vegetation changes from colonized deforested areas to virgin rain forest. A box-lunch is provided on board. On arrival you’ll have a welcome drink and meet the rest of the staff. In the late afternoon you set off for an introductory walk into the “terra firme” forest behind the lodge (Trail 2), dominated by giant Brazil-nut and Dipteryx trees. Frequently seen mammals on this trail are Saddle-back Tamarinds, Brown Capuchins, Agoutis, Pacas, Blue-Morpho butterflies, Trogons, Toucans and many other species of birds. After dinner a night walk to find nocturnal animals or insects by the eye-shine a specialization for increasing the light and see better, about 50% of the animals are nocturnal in the rainforest. (L, D).

Tours Day 2:

Trip to the Macaw Clay lick (Collpa de guacamayos) – Tambopata Lodge – Amazon Rainforest

After breakfast you return to the canoe to continue the journey upstream, a further 4 hrs, to an area deep within the Reserve National where the isolated Collpa is situated. The Collpa is actually one of the large clay cliffs lining the Tambopata River in this area. After lunch you and your guide have the afternoon to explore the trail system in the area. Camping on the beach near the Collpa. (B,L,D). All camping gear is provided by us.

Tours Day 3:

Macaw Clay lick – Tambopata EcoLodge – Amazon Rainforest

Visit the Collpa and return to Tambopata Eco Lodge. A pre-dawn start is needed to get to the clay-lick before the birds. They arrive in search of minerals and salts and the digestive properties of the clay particles themselves. On average several hundred Macaws and smaller parrots visit the clay-lick daily, including Scarlet, Blue and Yellow, Red and Green, and Chestnut-fronted and Blue-headed parrots, among others. This clay-lick is considered one of the largest in the world. Following a late morning hike and lunch we return down river to the lodge. At night you will go searching for Caiman (alligators) and other nocturnal animals by canoe along the Tambopata River. Night in the Tambopata Eco Lodge. (B,L,D).

Tours Day 4:

Tambopata EcoLodge – Amazon Rainforest – Departure Puerto Maldonado

Time to return to the city of Puerto Maldonado is scheduled according to flight time of the group. In the mornings you can see the wildlife that is particularly active at this time, are frequently heard howler monkeys or stop. Your guide will give support to his arrival in Puerto Maldonado and will relocate to the airport and assist you on your flight.

Additional days at the Macaw Lick or Collpa:

Any number of extra days in the vicinity of the Collpa, over and above the aforementioned program, is possible. These can be guided or unguided according to your preference and interests. During these days you can either; explore the trail system in more depth, going further a field along trails not visited before; visit a small lake hidden amongst the trees with a floating viewing platform situated in it; take a trip up river to explore a clear forest stream teeming with fish. Full board is included during each of these days.

Services included in your Macaw lick trip:

  • All meals and accommodation (camping gear) from lunch on Day 1 to Breakfast on your final day (inclusive).
  • All transport from your arrival al Puerto Maldonado to your return to the airport (inclusive).
  • All guided excursions describes in the itinerary (including on additional days, if you wish).
  • One night excursion on the river looking for Caiman.

Services Excluded in your Macaw lick trip:

  • Flights to and from Puerto Maldonado, The entrance Fee to the TNR $ 40.00 per person, airport taxes. Any drinks you may purchase from the bar, Tips.