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Tambopata is a river, a national reserve and a province in the Madre de Dios State, located in southeastern Peru. It harbors some of the most bio-diverse rainforest in the country (and possibly the entire Amazon basin), vast protected areas, and is home to several thousand people. Remote, wild, but still easily accessible, this contrasting combination has helped the Tambopata Reserve become one of the global hotspots for ecotourism – Amazon Peru Vacation.

Massive, old growth Ceibas and other rainforest giants emerge from a 90 foot high canopy – tambopata lodge. Hidden beneath the trees are troops of monkeys, toucans, brilliantly colored macaws, and even jaguars. It’s forest harbors more than 10,000 species of plants. Over 600 species of birds. A staggering 200 species of mammals. More than 1,000 butterfly species tambopata tours. Literally thousands of species of insects. Well over 100 species of amphibians and reptiles.

At 11,200 feet above sea level, Cusco is the heart of Tahuantinsuyo, Peru’s pre- Colombian Empire tours tambopata. Cusco today is the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America, a fascinating and colorful paradox of the past and the present. Explore Cusco visiting the Temple of the Sun, the Cathedral and the immense walled complex of Sacsayhuaman and tours tambopata amazon.

Travel by train following the course of the mighty Urubamba River and spend a magical days exploring Machu Picchu and its surrounding areas. The complex was so well hidden by the towering jungle covered ramparts of the Cordillera Vilcabamba that it was never discovered by the Spaniards. Machu Picchu preserves the most perfect picture of what the Inca world must have been like. However, much of its origins and purpose are lost in time – tours tambopata reserve – sandoval lake.

Refugio Amazonas – Chuncho Clay Lick / Oxbow Lake – Tambopata Expeditions:

Tambopata tours Very early departure from Refugio Amazonas on our private boat so we have a chance to search for jaguar and other mammal species along the way to the Chuncho Clay Lick located inside the Tambopata National Reserve – lake sandoval. The journey will take us approximately two and half hour by boat with a chance to use the restroom facilities at the Park Rangers Station – macaws tambopata reserve.

After we reach the Chuncho site we take a brief 5-minute walk, set up our tripods and chairs and wait for the activity to start. We will have the chance to see countless numbers of parrots and parakeets and dozens of large macaws feeding on the special sodium rich clays of the riverbank. The Chuncho clay lick probably attracts more large macaws than any other clay lick in the world and the sight of dozens of macaws taking flight is truly unforgettable – tambopata lodge.

The first birds to land at the lick are the parrots and parakeets. Later in the morning the larger macaws start arriving. They fly above us in pairs and land right across the narrow branch of the river Tambopata on the trees right above the lick. We will enjoy breakfast at the lick – tambopata lodge macaws.

This is a new tour being offered by TAMBOPATA Lodge and Expeditions to offer a genuine rainforest wilderness experience and an excellent opportunity to see some of the wildlife that Tambopata is famous for. A complete program which combines the comfort of beautiful lodges with the experience to spend a night camping in the Bahuaja Sonene National Park – Tambopata Lodge Expeditions.


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