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Amazon Jungle

Tambopata Tours

Welcome to Tambopata Tours, one of the most amazing places in the Amazon. This peaceful paradise is located southeast of Peru and allows visitors to soak up the wonderful and special experiences that encloses the Amazon rainforest, while the spy on the jaguars, and the harpy eagles, and otters are immersed in water eating and frolicking.  The natives and provide plenty of sustainable resources that nature provides for them .

Tambopata tours will allow you to know and observe the Tambopata region , one of the most beautiful and iconic places where wildlife still exists . In the Tambopata region is the headwaters of the Amazon River fourteenth largest tributary : the mighty river Madeira, after 3200 km long joins the Amazon, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

Within tenemo Tambopata Amazon River, which is the longest river in the world , is the largest freshwater ecosystem of the world and contains one-fifth of the planet ‘s fresh water. This region is also located near Lake Titicaca , the highest navigable lake in the world .

Amazon Jungle

The Amazon makes up the largest rainforest on earth.  Home to half of biodiversity, birds, insects and plants on the planet . The rainforests provide timber, fiber , food, fuel and medicines , but are unfortunately disappearing quickly because about 500 000 km2 have been cleared . It is known that if the rainforests disappear , excess carbon dioxide produced by the world’s industries , climate changes will affect the planet severely. Fortunately for the world, Tambopata – is one of the moist lowland forests of Amazonia that is better protected .

An initial inventory driven by David Pearson in 1980 at the confluence of the rivers Tambopata and La Torre , reported a record in the number of animals, including 80 species of reptiles and amphibians, 533 species of birds, 77 varieties of mammals and 151 species of dragonflies and their derivatives . The Rapid Assessment Program tours, conducted in 1992 by the International Environmental Conservation confirmed that the area is extremely rich in diversity of species , many years of research led to say that there are 103 varieties of amphibians, 632 of birds, 169 mammals , 103 I do reptiles and fish 205 . These studies were conducted in fourteen different places in the region , seven of which were in areas of tourist accommodation . In this area of Peru tour , have discovered new species of birds , leading to the conclusion that the existing inventory increase. In 2007 , a new bird called the Rufous twist ( Cnipodectes superrufus ) was discovered (Tambopata Reserve National Park).

peruvian amazon

The innumerable variety of species in the region of Tambopata , has helped deemed to Peru as the country with the largest mega world as it hosts 10% of the species on earth . Many of these are unique to this area, including the poisonous toad biolat (Dendrobates biolat ) woodpecker ( Picumnus subtilis ), the jungle fowl cacique ( Cacicus koepckeae ), the white-cheeked bird flycatcher ( Poecilotriccus albifacies ) , the squirrel sanborn ( Sciurus sanborni ) , among others. Tambopata is a stopover for many migratory birds, including the osprey ( Pandion haliaetus) and wide-brimmed harrier ( winged Hawks ) .