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No somos los únicos, pero somos los mejores, realizamos tours en la reserva de tambopata, lago sandoval, collpa de guacamayos, vive la aventura con nosotros...


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Travel booking Lake Sandoval is up through the Madre de Dios River (outboard) with a journey time of 25 minutes, arriving at the checkpoint and Security Reserve Sandoval, then continues by a access trail with a walk of 50 minutes in the Peruvian jungle to reach the "pipe" that connects the mirror sandoval lake water; may enter the water mirror renting canoes inhabitants of the area.

Travel to Cocococha Lake: You arrive through the Tambopata river tours (outboard) with a travel time of 3 hours, arriving at the checkpoint and Surveillance La Torre, after a walk of 75 minutes is performed for various trails hostel owned Peruvian Safaris to reach the lake, where a wildlife observatory is a hiding place for birdwatching and otters in Tambopata tours and sandoval lake.

Travel Sachavacayoc Lake - Lake Sentenced I and II: The up through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a travel time of 3 hours 40 minutes, passing through the checkpoint and Surveillance La Torre. Then you can access private grounds Williamson hostels or Cayman Lodge Association, from there hiking trails are performed by different entering the RNTAMB and about 80-90 minutes after arriving at the lakes.

Travel to Lick Chunchos: You arrive through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a time of 4 hours and about 20 minutes (through the checkpoint and Surveillance Tower), before reaching the lick, established camps along the river where visitors can stay and appreciate between 5am and 9am variety of macaws and parrots colpeo activity in booking and reservation tambopata sandoval lake are located.

Travel to Colorado Colpa: This is probably one of the biggest Colpas of South America to reach this lick is by boat through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a time of 7 hours and 20 minutes (via the checkpoint and Surveillance Malinoswky) before reaching the final destination, there are camps located opposite the Lick (Riverfront) for overnight sightings being between 5 am and 9 am in the Peruvian jungle.

Tambopata Tours – Sandoval Lake: For those with limited time but still wanting to experience a rich and remarkable section of the Amazon Rainforest the beautiful Sandoval Lake Lodge in the lower section of the Tambopata National Reserve is an excellent choice. Here we present an extended version of our 3 day itinerary with a highly recommended extra day to make the most of this wildlife rich rainforest environment. This lodge is easily accessible from the friendly and fascinating jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, a major centre of the timber, gold mining and eco-tourism industries in the Southern Peruvian Amazon. Puerto Maldonado is itself easily accessed from Lima and Cusco due to excellent local air links. From Puerto Maldonado our lodge is approximately 3 hours away and the journey – a thirty minute boat ride, followed by a short jungle hike and finally a paddle to our jungle home by catamaran – is fascinating in itself. Lago Sandoval is an ox-bow lake, a curve of the Madre de Dios River cut off by the river changing course. These quiet and beautiful habitats are wonderful places for wildlife watching, whether exploring the Tambopata National Reserve lake in silence by catamaran, with only the sound of our craft’s paddles for company, or walking trails with experienced nature guides through diverse forest habitats.

Notable wildlife making its home around Lake Sandoval includes Red-Bellied Macaws, 5 species of monkeys, Black Caimans – largest of the alligator like caiman species found the Amazon and growing sometimes to a maximum length of 6m, and the beautiful and highly endangered Giant Otter. Giant Otters, the largest of their kind worldwide live and hunt in large family groups and grow to a maximum length of 2m. Local people call the Otters ‘Lobos del Rio’ – Wolves of the River’ in honor of their co-operative hunting abilities. To see these animals hunting freely in their natural habitat is truly a magical experience! Welcome to the Jungle Peruvian!.


Tambopata Tours is in Puerto Maldonado: Door to green havens in the Amazon jungle in Peru .

Puerto Maldonado It is the capital of the department of Madre de Dios , which is located in the south west of Peru and territories comprising high and low jungle , as well as a portion of the jungle .

Doing a bit of history of this Amazonian place , there are and have been the presence of human beings before the invasion and Spanish conquest for gold and the rise of the great Inca empire that was most of South America , his reign with his 4 antisuyos as ancient remains found as petroglyphs in the rivers of Palotoa , Shinkebenia and Urubamba towns as the great city of Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail , the salkantay trek , lares trek , trekking choquequirao , Vilcabamba , etc. great archaeological sites during construction the reign of the Inca empire . In the Cordillera Pantiacolla in header Madre de Dios, there are petroglyphs and ancient remains which attract archaeologists in the Amazon jungle of Peru ..

Therefore it is estimated that the first populations of Madre de Dios might appear thousands of years and is believed to the Arawaks or their predecessors of the jungle, the proto Arawaks arrived via migration , deriving from many ethnic groups there , then interacting with finally the Incas and the invading Spaniards . Some tribes like the Machiguenga , survive to this day constituting itself as a living cultural heritage of the nation of Peru in Peruvian jungle of Inca being so old.


  • Altitude: 183 m.s.n.m
  • Weather: Warm and humid tropical . The rainy season lasts from December to March.


A destination for explorers who like to travel into the jungle .

The Tambopata area is a natural paradise located in the department of Madre de Dios , 58 km . From Puerto Maldonado.


Your Weather: Warm and humid tropical . The rainy season lasts from December to March.

You may arrive from Puerto Maldonado Tambopata by river , following the bed of the river Tambopata . It can also be accessed by land , taking the road Cusco Puerto Maldonado and starting the route at Km 30.

Tambopata – CANDAMO :

A 40 km from Puerto Maldonado 3 hours soaring through the Tambopata river in boat motor.

Tambopata Tours is considered the second richest reserves in plants and wildlife, it retains its pristine forest and is a valuable nature reserve. The area is the habitat of more than 90 species of sailors, 570 types of birds , 1,200 types of butterflies and dragonflies 29 , among other animal species in Tambopata Tours.


Tambopata tours Macaw Clay Lick: Left bank of the rio Tambopata , in the Tambopata area – Candamo , 70 km from Puerto Maldonado , 8 hours of travel in a motor boat .

It is considered the biggest lick of the Peruvian Amazon and attend it every day macaws , parrots and parakeets , providing a natural spectacle full of color.


Located in the province of Tambopata , this unity of nature conservation is 5 hours taking the Tambopata river or a day on the river Madre de Dios .

Among the attractions of the park is its extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna.


Lake Sandoval Reserve: Right bank of the Madre de Dios river , 10 km from Puerto Maldonado, 25 minutes by motor boat and then hike trail for 1 hour.

It is a privileged place for watching a variety of plants, especially orchids , as well as to appreciate copies of wildlife , most notably ducks , giant otters , caimans, birds like the Sahnsho , turtles and butterflies , and various varieties fish.

Lake Valencia:

Located 60 km from the city of Puerto Maldonado , a 4 hour boat of 55 HP . The lake is 15 km long , 800 m wide and between 0.5 and 15 meters deep and is a privileged place for the presence of trees and fish. The surrounding trees are as pumaquiro , quinilla , cedar, kapok , the palm and chestnut . Among its fauna includes bush turkeys , turtles ( and tortoises charapas ) , lizards , monkeys , cormorants and herons , among others.

Manu National Park :

Manu National Park this important park is located at 280 km from the city of Cusco by Cusco – Paucartambo Road , 12 hours 4×4 , where you get to the town of Atalaya, continue along the river to the village of Boca Manu , 7 hours boat . Then go back down the Madre de Dios River to the park . It is also possible to reach the village of Boca Manu by plane from Cusco , taking approximately 45 minutes. The Manu National Park covers the regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios and has an area of 1’692 .137 hectares , which constitutes the entire Manu River basin . Since 1977, the Manu National Park is the core area of the Biosphere Reserve Manu , it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

How to get to Puerto Maldonado – Madre de Dios :

To get to Puerto Maldonado hold the following routes via land :

  1. Tours Lima – Arequipa Tours – Tours Cusco – Puerto Maldonado Tours : 2,180 km – 51 hours in bus.
  2. Lima Tours Nasca Tours – Tours Abancay- Cusco -Tours Puerto Maldonado : 1621 km – 49 hours by bus .
  3. Cusco Tours – Tours Puerto Maldonado : 527 km – 30 hours in bus.
  4. You also have by air, scheduled flights from Lima ( 1 hour and 30 minutes) and Cusco ( 30 minutes).

Ideal time to visit Puerto Maldonado , Sandoval Lake , Tambopata Tours

A tentative date to visit Puerto Maldonado is on July 12 . Anniversary of the city , where festivities given by the foundation of the city, including civic, social and cultural events in Puerto Maldonado and Sandoval Lake and Tambopata Reserve.

Likewise considering the tropical climate, warm and humid and rainy from November to April , with an average temperature of 25 ° C , the city of Puerto Maldonado has its rainy season from December to March . We recommend visiting the place outside the rainy season being sandoval lake reserve , the reserve of Tambopata tours, manu national parquen , native communities in the Peruvian jungle with their big adventure travel explorations, observations and studies for scientists from other countries.

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