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Travel booking Lake Sandoval is up through the Madre de Dios River (outboard) with a journey time of 25 minutes, arriving at the checkpoint and Security Reserve Sandoval, then continues by a access trail with a walk of 50 minutes in the Peruvian jungle to reach the "pipe" that connects the mirror sandoval lake water; may enter the water mirror renting canoes inhabitants of the area.

Travel to Cocococha Lake: You arrive through the Tambopata river tours (outboard) with a travel time of 3 hours, arriving at the checkpoint and Surveillance La Torre, after a walk of 75 minutes is performed for various trails hostel owned Peruvian Safaris to reach the lake, where a wildlife observatory is a hiding place for birdwatching and otters in Tambopata tours and sandoval lake.

Travel Sachavacayoc Lake - Lake Sentenced I and II: The up through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a travel time of 3 hours 40 minutes, passing through the checkpoint and Surveillance La Torre. Then you can access private grounds Williamson hostels or Cayman Lodge Association, from there hiking trails are performed by different entering the RNTAMB and about 80-90 minutes after arriving at the lakes.

Travel to Lick Chunchos: You arrive through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a time of 4 hours and about 20 minutes (through the checkpoint and Surveillance Tower), before reaching the lick, established camps along the river where visitors can stay and appreciate between 5am and 9am variety of macaws and parrots colpeo activity in booking and reservation tambopata sandoval lake are located.

Travel to Colorado Colpa: This is probably one of the biggest Colpas of South America to reach this lick is by boat through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a time of 7 hours and 20 minutes (via the checkpoint and Surveillance Malinoswky) before reaching the final destination, there are camps located opposite the Lick (Riverfront) for overnight sightings being between 5 am and 9 am in the Peruvian jungle.

Tambopata River Basin

The Tambopata river basin is one of the most studied regions of the Peruvian jungle with respect to flora and fauna and it offers the greatest biodiversity ratio of Peru and the world. This has contributed to the development of a growing ecoturism industry, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Many world class eco-hostels have been established in the zone during the 1970’s. Due to this wonderful natural environment, the Peruvian government has established two important protected regions, such as Parque Nacional Bahuaja-Sonene and Reserva Nacional Tambopata-Candamo, which form part of a combined reserve zone with the Parque Nacional Madidi, on the Bolivian side.

In this basin one finds that ethnic Ese ‘eja lands blend in with protected areas and ecotourism concessions. The native community of Infierno operates the Posada Amazonas hostel together with an ecotourism enterprise, which have received several international distinctions for being an exemplar enterprise, which at the same time preserves the jungle and provides income for the community.

Few parts of the world exhibit such a great biological diversity of species of flora and fauna and in the basins higher elevations there are no human inhabitants making this a human free environment. However, not everything is positive, because, the basin is used more and more for the exploitation of alluvial gold and little by little the natural beauty is put at risk. Thus it is urgent to take measures to exclude gold exploitation by encouraging sustainable activities such Brazil nut harvesting and ecotourism, which not only can preserve the biodiversity and the ecosystem, but can create employment and income for the local communities.

Tambopata Candamo, Amazon Sanctuary contributes to highlight not only the ecological importance of the zone, but also to emphasize its potential for sustainable activities. Here, the cooperation between enterprises, local communities and the government is the key to save one of the most diverse zones of the planet.

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