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Travel booking Lake Sandoval is up through the Madre de Dios River (outboard) with a journey time of 25 minutes, arriving at the checkpoint and Security Reserve Sandoval, then continues by a access trail with a walk of 50 minutes in the Peruvian jungle to reach the "pipe" that connects the mirror sandoval lake water; may enter the water mirror renting canoes inhabitants of the area.

Travel to Cocococha Lake: You arrive through the Tambopata river tours (outboard) with a travel time of 3 hours, arriving at the checkpoint and Surveillance La Torre, after a walk of 75 minutes is performed for various trails hostel owned Peruvian Safaris to reach the lake, where a wildlife observatory is a hiding place for birdwatching and otters in Tambopata tours and sandoval lake.

Travel Sachavacayoc Lake - Lake Sentenced I and II: The up through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a travel time of 3 hours 40 minutes, passing through the checkpoint and Surveillance La Torre. Then you can access private grounds Williamson hostels or Cayman Lodge Association, from there hiking trails are performed by different entering the RNTAMB and about 80-90 minutes after arriving at the lakes.

Travel to Lick Chunchos: You arrive through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a time of 4 hours and about 20 minutes (through the checkpoint and Surveillance Tower), before reaching the lick, established camps along the river where visitors can stay and appreciate between 5am and 9am variety of macaws and parrots colpeo activity in booking and reservation tambopata sandoval lake are located.

Travel to Colorado Colpa: This is probably one of the biggest Colpas of South America to reach this lick is by boat through the Tambopata River (outboard) with a time of 7 hours and 20 minutes (via the checkpoint and Surveillance Malinoswky) before reaching the final destination, there are camps located opposite the Lick (Riverfront) for overnight sightings being between 5 am and 9 am in the Peruvian jungle.


Sandoval: Located in the Tambopata National Reserve, our Sandoval Lake Lodge hostel is located on Sandoval Lake, considered one of the most beautiful in the Peruvian Amazon.
This privileged location allows you to visit the sandoval lake early in the morning or evening hours where wildlife is most active. No other lodge in Tambopata Madidi is located on the banks of a sandoval lake.
The Sandoval Lake Lodge has double rooms private baths, hot water, fans and electricity near the lake.

Tambopata Tours Information

We have great adventure travel in Tambopata lodge , is one of the most amazing areas of the Peruvian Amazon in Tambopata , is considered the richest region in the entire biosphere of the Earth , as stated by National Geographic Magazine in their editions of January 1994 and March 2000. This tours Tambopata National Reserve has an area of 1’478 , 942.45 hectares and square kilometer in any species of insects , birds and mammals in a similar almost anywhere else on the planet will be .

Preserve Tours Tambopata Candamo means a guarantee of future oxygen , water and life to the world. Their conservation should be a responsibility and commitment of all generations to come . Tambopata Natural settlers are their best guardians and survive as a functioning ecosystem if they all learn to live with this and I respect it. His management and sustainable use can provide tangible economic benefits in Tambopata , the ecotourism industry is an example and model of it.

We have a vision to promote our ecological awareness , also providing input for spreading the wealth of culture and nature of this wonderful land, Peru .

We invite you to discover and observe this beautiful trip to Tambopata tours by tropical rainforest , the wealth of geographical area and biodiversity Tambopata tours .

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Tambopata River Basin

The Tambopata river basin is one of the most studied regions of the Peruvian jungle with respect to flora and fauna and it offers the greatest biodiversity ratio of Peru and the world. This has contributed to the development of a growing ecoturism industry, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Many world class eco-hostels have been established in the zone during the 1970’s. Due to this wonderful natural environment, the Peruvian government has established two important protected regions, such as Parque Nacional Bahuaja-Sonene and Reserva Nacional Tambopata-Candamo, which form part of a combined reserve zone with the Parque Nacional Madidi, on the Bolivian side.

In this basin one finds that ethnic Ese ‘eja lands blend in with protected areas and ecotourism concessions. The native community of Infierno operates the Posada Amazonas hostel together with an ecotourism enterprise, which have received several international distinctions for being an exemplar enterprise, which at the same time preserves the jungle and provides income for the community.

Few parts of the world exhibit such a great biological diversity of species of flora and fauna and in the basins higher elevations there are no human inhabitants making this a human free environment. However, not everything is positive, because, the basin is used more and more for the exploitation of alluvial gold and little by little the natural beauty is put at risk. Thus it is urgent to take measures to exclude gold exploitation by encouraging sustainable activities such Brazil nut harvesting and ecotourism, which not only can preserve the biodiversity and the ecosystem, but can create employment and income for the local communities.

Tambopata Candamo, Amazon Sanctuary contributes to highlight not only the ecological importance of the zone, but also to emphasize its potential for sustainable activities. Here, the cooperation between enterprises, local communities and the government is the key to save one of the most diverse zones of the planet.

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It was officially established in 1990 as “Tambopata Candamo Reserve Zone” and spreads over 1.5 millior hectares.

Tambopata Reserve it is found in the regions of Madre de Dios and Pune and possesses a wide biodiversity (in only 5,500 hectare! 545 species of birds, 1,122 butterflies, 151 dragonflies anc 29 tiger beetles have been identified).

There are signs that humans have been in the zont from 4,000 years ago and the actual ethnic groups in tambopata reserve.

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Formerly widespread throughout Amazonia, up to 850 m; now scarce and declining, Aldi uncommon in more remote areas (especially in Madre de Dios). Not very gregarious: usually in pairs or small groups of 4-6. Paler than similar Red-and-green, and face whiter (not crossed by distinct feathered lines), with yellow coverts on upper side of wing. Tail also slightly longer; tip up and down in flight.

VOICE OF THE SCARLET MACAW : Flight call a loud rasping screech “RAAAH.1”; loudest nei: descending at end. Also braying vocalizations. Similar to other large macaws, but with unpleasant screeching quality. Co, E, Br, Bo

DIET AND NUTRITION GUACAMAYO SCARLATA :Macaws eat mostly fruits and seeds, including large, hard seeds. Like other parrots, are seed predators, destroy the seeds they eat and do not disperse.Macaws Collpear (meaning eat ) salted clay you contain nutrients found in the banks of rivers and in the Manu and Tambopata

COMPORTAMAMIENTOS OF SCARLET MACAW :A typical sighting is of a single Macao Get him out or a pair of macaws flying above the forest canopy , but you can see flocks in some areas. These magnificent birds can fly at speeds up to 35 mph ( 56 kph) and have a lifespan of about 80 years.

REPRODUCTION OF SCARLET MACAW : Like most parrots, macaw female puts 2-4 white eggs in a tree cavity. These hatch after 24-25 days. They leave the nest about 105 days after leaving their parents return a year later ,Macaws are an endangered species due to their capture as pets and habitat loss before the fall population of scarlet macaws , distribution included much of Costa Rica . However, by the 1960s had been declining Macaws Get him out in numbers due to a combination of factors, particularly hunting, poaching and habitat destruction due to deforestation . In addition, spraying pesticides by companies cultivating and selling bananas for export played an important role in decreasing

POPULATION OF RED MACAW : As pets, macaws birds are popular for those who can afford the high price of both the birds and the price you need large cage You must tolerate their loud cries and can give them considerable time outside their cages. They are considered sociable and affectionate and some speak very well.

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OVER THE RIVER TAMBOPATA : are their direct descendents, though it is known that in the XV century the Inca made incursions into Tambopata. The dominant ethnic groups historically have been the Ese’ Eja and the Puquirieri.

The reserve is particularly important for its cochas and lakes which are habitat for more than 40 species of transcontinental migratory birds, as well as the giant otter, in danger of extinction, along with other endemic birds, amphibians and mammals.

The flora on the reserve thrives and flourishes, to the point where in one study it was found that there were 150 different types of trees on the same hectare.


Almost all macaws can be seen on this reserve as there are clay licks in Tambopata rich in minerals and other nutrients that the birds consume. Some of these clay licks are in the gullies on the river shore. This keeps the birds safer and so makes it their favourite. The clay licks that are on the planes are visited mainly by the mammals.

Among the various macaw species, we can find the blue and yellow macaw, the blue-headed macaw (Ara Couloni) which is green with a light blue head, the redtailed blue- and-yellow macaw, the green-blue military macaw (Ara militaris) the red-and-green macaw (Ara chloroptera) the red-shouldered macaw (Ara nobilis), red-bellied macaw (Orthopsittaca manilata), the chestnut fronted macaw (Ara Severa), among many others.

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Reserva Nacional Tambopata Candamo

The Reserva Nacional Tambopata Candamo, is one of the most splendid and iconic places of the Amazon. It is located in the southeast of Peru and was declared “protected zone” on January 26th , 1990. This humid lower forest is, probably, the best protected reserve and the innumerable variety of species of fauna and flora that inhabit the region has contributed to the consideration of Peru as the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

To access, for the first time, this tropical paradise is an overwhelming experience. A penetrating odor, result of the mixture of hundreds of varieties of mushrooms that help with the decomposition of leaves and fallen branches from the gigantic trees, can be overwhelming. Hidden amongst the ferns and brush the tinamues, similar to quails, whistle to each other and their singing mixes with cicada and grasshopper chirping, which are in constant rivalry to find mates. All this activity can be deafening, but at the same time it is delightful to the ears. One has to sharpen the eyesight in order to distinguish the aguties and the ant cocks, and dozens of other distinct varieties of species, but, maybe, one can only manage to see the bushes move while the animals escape into their shelters.

These protected subtropical forests have two distinct seasons: the dry and the wet. The temperatures vary between 10°C and 38°C, but almost always it is around 26°C. The warmest months are September and October, at the end of the dry season the temperature can reach 38°C.

The Tambopata-Candamo lakes form the heart of this fragile ecosystem. The landscape that extends from the dark waters up to the tree canopies and the magic wild fauna creates a magic experience.

The world that is revealed as dusk approaches is amazing. It is easier to spot the nocturnal animals, by means of a flashlight, which causes the animals eyes to shine with more intensity.

All conservation and educational efforts that could be made to preserve this natural paradise will help ensure the future survival of this captivating and unique ecosystem.

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Tambopata Reserve can be reached by way of Puerto Maldonado, capital of the Madre de Dios region either via air from Lima or Cusco or via land using the Interoceanic Highway (10 hours from Cusco). It is recommended that you take a tour from Lima or Cusco though one can also be hired in the city of Puerto Maldonado itself. Lake Sandoval is only 40 minutes from this city (where the reserve benins)

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The flora and fauna in Tambopata Tours, have also been 1255 types of plants identified, among which the Brazil nut stands out. It is found over an area of approximately 2.5 million hectares (occupying other reserves also). Other tree species are the cedar, mahogany, moriche palms and rubber, among others.

Its remarkable fauna includes more than 103 species of amphibians, 180 fish, 103 reptiles and 169 mammals. The puma, ocelot, margay (Leopardus wiedi) and jaguai to date still live free of threats though they are now more frequently hunted furtively with the advancement oJ the illegal cutting of trees or the illegal mining in the neighbouring zones on the reserve.

Among the primates, the spider monkey, brown- mantled tamarin and the orange tamarin, the emperoi tamarin (Saguinus imperator), the howler monkey, the Peruvian night monkey (Aotus nigriceps), common woolly monkey, black-capped squirrel monkey (Saimiri boliviensis), South American squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus), white-fronted capuchin (Cebus albifrons) and the tufted capuchin.

The most common mammals are the collared peccary, tapir, white lipped peccary (Tayassu pecari) red brocket deer and the two-toed and three-toed sloth.

In ancient Peru, these birds were prized as much for their coloured feathers used to fashion fine garments for their leaders, as for their role in fertility ceremonies. Evidence of this has been found in tombs on the Peruvian coast that date back to the beginning of Christianity

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Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara macaw one) , also known as Blue and Gold Macaw , is a member of the macaw group of parrots. Inhabit swampy rainforests, palm swamps in South America and Panama south to Brazil , Peru , Bolivia and Paraguay . Which has been an endangered species. Blue and Yellow Macaw is considered one of the most endearing and intelligent and the most beautiful of all species of parrots birds.


Blue and yellow Macaw has blue wings and tail, black chin, golden underparts and a green forehead. Their beaks are black and very strong for crushing nuts. The naked face is white , turning pink in excited birds, and lined with small black feathers. There is little variation in plumage across the range. Some birds have a more or less orange color ‘ Candy ‘ especially in the chest.


It has about 34-36 inches long from the tip of the head to the tip of its tail makes them one of the largest parrots in the world. It has a wingspan of 41-45 inches and weighs between 900 and 1300 grams.


Reaches breeding age when they are 3-4 years old. It is known to pair for life and live in small family groups . Blue and yellow Macaws nest high above the ground in cavities found in large dead trees. Only two or three eggs in a nest. It is believed that the female incubates . However, both men and women aggressively defend the eggs.


When you are blind and featherless . Parents bring only the stronger girl, leaving the others to starve . Young macaws do not develop their full plumage until they are at least 10 weeks old . After they grow feathers or nest, remain with their parents for several months before becoming independent . Blue and yellow Macaw can live up to 60 years of age.


They eat palm fruit and other fruit trees . One of the favorite foods Macaw is the seed of the tree of Hura crackle . They usually roost in a different place from where they eat . Their feeding may be at a distance. Often macaws gather to eat clay deposits and bearing clay mineral salt, which is on the river bank.


Macaws are very social animals . They tend to congregate in flocks of a hundred or more animals. Macaws do not have a pack leader . All birds appear to be the same , and only move as a group. However, paired birds usually fly close together with their wings almost touching.


The macaw is a sociable bird when in captivity and can raise your hand . You can learn to imitate sounds and words. I can not speak, only mime. Macaws can be trained to sit on a perch , but if it is caged , beautiful tail feathers will be ruined because they are so long .


Macaws require much more effort – and knowledge – of the owners of the more traditional company, such as dogs or cats. Macaws are intelligent and loving , so for someone who can meet your requirements , that make good pets.


, Macaws require a varied diet, a single seed diet will lead to health problems such as vitamin deficiency . An example of a good diet would be a quality pellet mix along with a seed mix with nuts and dried fruits , with fresh vegetables and fruits fed regularly and also is very common ( and appreciated by the parrot ) to participate their human owners insurance as pasta, bread, etc food . is important to avoid foods with high fat content ( generally) while striving to provide a wide variety of foods.


There are some foods that are toxic to birds and parrots as a group. Cherry pits , avocado, chocolate and caffeine are among the foods that should not be fed . Chocolate and caffeine are not metabolized by birds the same way they are in humans
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